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Crisis Averted…Well, one of them, anyway August 21, 2009

Filed under: Battle of the Scale — booksunread @ 2:52 pm

Miguel clarified when turning in the forms that I can run the 5K with stroller…they just didn’t put anything about it in the running section of the form because they didn’t think anyone would want to (you mean besides the people who did it last year and the year before? Okay then…).

So it’s back on and I still have Squidge to use my cover for sucking.  Because really? I am so not a runner.  I do not have long, lean, gazelle-like legs.  I was not built for speed or distance.  I very realistically expect to be smoked by every tall, tan, fit runner in the bunch (because aren’t they always?).  I don’t even like runners.  I scoff when I see them trotting along in the rain and the cold.  Why am I doing this again?

I’m in a bit of panic about my endurance and the 5 (!) weeks I have remaining to get it up.  I ran what Miguel purported to be a two mile route the other night and crapped out farther from home than I wanted to, maybe I thought 1.7 miles or so into it.  So then I hopped in the car and clocked it on my odometer to know exactly how much of the 2 miles I had done.  Miguel had it clocked WRONG and the whole thing was only 1.7 miles, so the part I completed was only 1.3.  I need to run almost three times that for the 5K. Which I know I don’t have be able to consistently run that amount, but I need to be close enough that I can push myself through the last extra half mile or so.  I’m almost 2 miles short as of right now.

I ran it again this morning, and managed the whole thing, so that’s something.  I don’t know why it was easier today. Maybe because I took a day off yesterday or because it was before it got too hot.  We’ll see.


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