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One Cheerio at a Time September 11, 2009

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Since Squidge has been on solids, he’s been doing exceptionally well.  He eats a pretty good range of things in pretty good amounts and has been chunking up nicely.  I make most of his food so he gets a really even balance of protein, grain,  lots of veggies of all colors and fruit.  I think in the 2 weeks between his one month appointment and when we had him back at the doctor for a mysterious leg-eating insect bite, he had gained a full pound.  (It doesn’t hurt that we put butter on all his meals…)

Unfortunately, as is the way with Squidgey, he’s gone to extremes with the enthusiastic eating, and can no longer be trusted with finger foods.  After I fed him his entrée and veggies, with fruit or soy pudding for desert, I would dump a pile of cheerios, goldfish, etc. on his tray to work on his self-feeding, finish filling him up, and to be honest, keep him busy for a good 15-20 minutes while I worked in the kitchen.  I’d be able to clean up his dinner dishes, empty the dishwasher, unpack his bottles and lunch bag from the sitter, maybe even do some cooking while he happily picked away: one for me, one for furry tail wagging friend, one for me, one for furry tail wagging friend, one for me, one for…what? I’m not doing anything (slowly retracting hand from side of tray and guiding cracker into mouth, as if that was the destination all along).  (Which also, took dog to vet the other day-she has gained 4 pounds since March, which was hey, right around when Squidgey started getting more finger foods. Coincidence?)

Um, point?  So anyway! Now he’s double fisting, alternating a cracker in each hand until his mouth is full and he’s gagging and choking.  I have a heart attack waiting for him to cough it up, trying to scoop some of it out of his mouth as he fights me off and starts crying.  I figured after the first time, he would have figured out stuffing his mouth=bad, but toddlers have shockingly few survival instincts, because he’s done it two more times since with a variety of cracker size/types.  So I finally wised up and now have to dole them out one at a time.  Which means, I either have to sit there in front of him as he slowly chews and swallows, or try to get kitchen work done, while keeping my hands clean and dry enough to dash back to his chair and drop him another piece of food every 30 seconds. Do you have any idea how long it takes a toddler to eat even a small pile of cheerios?   You know what I need? One of those automatic cat-food feeders.  I could mount it to the side of his tray and it would only dispense a single cracker at set intervals.

In other news, he is still not walking or talking.  Trying to get him to hold on to your hands and walk with you is like trying to put a cat in a bathtub. He splays his legs out, pulling them up to his chest, or folds his legs under so that as you lower him, he lands on his knees and can crawl off.  We had him back at PT a few weeks ago for a check up on his torticolis (which looks great!), and while we were there she assessed him for walking.  Absolutely nothing physically preventing him.  He will happily pull up and cruise along from stable object to stable object, but he just does not have the confidence in his balance to wobble around in space.  So we’re working on that. 

On the talking? I don’t know. Clearly he’s in there and understanding most of what we say to him.  Whether or not he’s making the connection that he can communicate back to us in words, I don’t know.  I try to reinforce and repeat words, giving a running commentary on what we’re doing.  When he tosses a book in my lap for reading, before I start, I repeat “Book. Mama read Book?”  Beyond that, I’m not sure what else I could/should be doing.  I should probably look for some books about it-I’m sure there are a ton. 

In my free time, I am still “training” for the 5K which is approaching rapidly.  Turns out that running every single day? Bad idea. I gave myself shin splints or whatever and had to take a week off.  I tried to keep up the cardio with the elliptical and bike, but I’m still not up past the 2 mile mark when actually hitting the pavement to run. 

In addition to getting my distance up, the other very important preparatory step is to put together my running mix. I need a 35 minute or so compilation of upbeat songs that make me want to keep going, with the really motivating ones placed strategically towards the end when I will likely be flagging.  I used a free napster light account to get the music on my phone originally and when I recently went back to load some more playlists, it basically told me to fuck off-I could not even load music I had ripped from my very own cds that were residing on my very own computer. What kind of bullshit was that? 

So it looks like I’ve got to pay for an upgraded membership for a month or something, build all the playlists I want, and pull them on to my phone.  Or go back to the manual and figure out if I can use another application with my phone.  But then I will lose the tracks I purchased from napster-which are some of my most motivating songs.  Speaking of, I need to expand my playlist.  Any suggestions?


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