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Do You Really Want That Butterburger, Fatass? September 17, 2009

Filed under: Battle of the Scale — booksunread @ 2:21 am

So the 5K is (eep!) a week from Saturday.  Tonight I covered the longest distance I’ve ever attempted, without any stopping and even managing a sprint at the last hill. 

As my landmark, I ran to the Culver’s up the road and back. I swear, I didn’t stop for a greasy butterburger or a yummy chocolate peanut butter cup concrete mixer (topped with butterscotch syrup, please!), even though it smelled like heaven as I made the turn.

Anyway, I was curious to know my mileage so I Mapquested directions when I got home.  The search returned 3 huge ads for Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem above the directions.  Like Mapquest was judging my fast food choices.  Mapquest is kind of an asshole.

And for the record? It was 2.8 miles bitches!


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