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It was bound to happen sooner or later… October 19, 2009

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Yesterday I dug four kibbles of dog food out of Squidgey’s mouth. You can be sure he did not thank me for it. Especially after I pried loose the one he was trying secret away for later in his fist. Then, later in the day, he commandeered the dog’s bed. Coincidence?


In other news, we’ve gone back to nap/bedtime bliss. Even as his napping has become a little hit or miss in terms of actually taking 2 naps a day, he’s at least quiet about it. You can put him up there and he’ll mostly talk to himself, sometimes for up to an hour before he drifts off. Or not. But at least there is no screaming. No sitting up there forever trying to rock him to sleep. There’s an occasional increase in volume like “hello? Anyone?” but then he stops. If he’s not out after an hour, it’s pretty much not going to happen, so I get him up. No nap means we’re in for a hairy late afternoon and early bedtime, but what are you going to do? Naps or no naps, it’s true what they say about how tired they get once they start walking because he is out like a light at bedtime.

He’s still not using any words in any meaningful way. I’ve taught him to sign “more” and he actually used it last week to tell me that he was hungry and wanted a snack. Of course, he’s not really clear that it means “more of what you are currently offering me,” and instead uses it more in terms of “hey lady, go get me something I WANT to eat.” He’ll use it correctly in context if I’m not shoveling banana chunks at him fast enough, but he’ll also sign it as he’s refusing another bite of vegetables and batting away the spoon, meaning, “move on to the applesauce and cheerios pronto, lady.”

And the look he gives you as he’s doing it and you’re not giving him what he wants is priceless-so indignant. On Friends, Ross and Monica had this childhood substitute for giving each other the bird where they bumped their first together ( and that’s the attitude it calls to mind as he insistently mashes his fingers together. Like, “so there! Now fork over the goldfish!”


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