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Christmas Roundup December 21, 2009

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Whee-It’s almost Christmas!  And I have been eating, drinking and being merry since Thanksgiving. So now, even my underwear is tight!  It is going to take a lot of work to get that off after the holidays.

I thought I was doing so good getting my shopping done early, but I still have had to scramble last minute for this that and the other thing.  During lunch, I have to grab cash for my sitter and make some returns at JCP before the after Christmas return rush makes it impossible.  Then tonight I have to make returns at Target and Carters.  The JCP and Target returns are for dresses I tried for a wedding we had on Saturday (where I really. really. really. ate, drank and be’d merry. right up until I barfed-haven’t done that in a while). 

The Carter’s return is some jammies I bought and then rejected for use as the basis for Squidgey’s Christmas card photo outfit, because…oh yeah, I did:

I dressed my kid as an elf. And the dog. I’m a whiz with the felt, y’all.  Striped jammies, plus a little no sew felt smock tied with a shoelace=instant elf! 

And while I’m at it, can I just complain about how difficult it was to find holiday-themed outfits for the over one set?  99% of what was in stores was of the “Baby’s First Christmas” variety, which just because Squidgey is slightly older than one and a Christmas veteran does not mean that he can’t rock some candy-cane striped jammies.  The ones that were his size overwhelmingly featured nauseatingly bratty sayings like “What Santa doesn’t bring me, Grandma will.”  I really, really, really, hate baby and kids clothes that carry snarky/snotty quotes on them.  It’s not cute for a kid to be a rude little snotbag (see exhibit A: my niece-I’ll have to write about that sometime).  I reluctantly bought a pair of these at Carter’s knowing the smock would cover the saying.  Then I made the haul out to Babies R Us and found a much better selection. So the snotty Carter’s are going back.

Other than all the Christmas busyness, things are just delightful!  Squidgey has been an absolute angel the past several weeks-sunny and pleasant, giggling and running from one place to the next, taking both naps a day without protest, chattering away (this weekend he learned “nonoooooo” and “sit”), running up to throw his arms around your legs for a heart-melting full body hug, just so, so fun. I’m really looking forward to the trip home and seeing him run around with all of his cousins.


Turning into my Mother December 7, 2009

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Yesterday, after redirecting him away from the trashcan for the 50th time, I actually said to Squidgey, “Are you deaf? I said no.”

Next thing you know, I’ll be telling him to “Wipe that smirk off your face.”


Breakfast December 4, 2009

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3 donut holes, a poptart (left by our thanksgiving guests-what? you can’t throw out perfectly good food) and coffee loaded with flavored “creamer.”

Commencing sugar crash in 3…2…1…