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Christmas Roundup December 21, 2009

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Whee-It’s almost Christmas!  And I have been eating, drinking and being merry since Thanksgiving. So now, even my underwear is tight!  It is going to take a lot of work to get that off after the holidays.

I thought I was doing so good getting my shopping done early, but I still have had to scramble last minute for this that and the other thing.  During lunch, I have to grab cash for my sitter and make some returns at JCP before the after Christmas return rush makes it impossible.  Then tonight I have to make returns at Target and Carters.  The JCP and Target returns are for dresses I tried for a wedding we had on Saturday (where I really. really. really. ate, drank and be’d merry. right up until I barfed-haven’t done that in a while). 

The Carter’s return is some jammies I bought and then rejected for use as the basis for Squidgey’s Christmas card photo outfit, because…oh yeah, I did:

I dressed my kid as an elf. And the dog. I’m a whiz with the felt, y’all.  Striped jammies, plus a little no sew felt smock tied with a shoelace=instant elf! 

And while I’m at it, can I just complain about how difficult it was to find holiday-themed outfits for the over one set?  99% of what was in stores was of the “Baby’s First Christmas” variety, which just because Squidgey is slightly older than one and a Christmas veteran does not mean that he can’t rock some candy-cane striped jammies.  The ones that were his size overwhelmingly featured nauseatingly bratty sayings like “What Santa doesn’t bring me, Grandma will.”  I really, really, really, hate baby and kids clothes that carry snarky/snotty quotes on them.  It’s not cute for a kid to be a rude little snotbag (see exhibit A: my niece-I’ll have to write about that sometime).  I reluctantly bought a pair of these at Carter’s knowing the smock would cover the saying.  Then I made the haul out to Babies R Us and found a much better selection. So the snotty Carter’s are going back.

Other than all the Christmas busyness, things are just delightful!  Squidgey has been an absolute angel the past several weeks-sunny and pleasant, giggling and running from one place to the next, taking both naps a day without protest, chattering away (this weekend he learned “nonoooooo” and “sit”), running up to throw his arms around your legs for a heart-melting full body hug, just so, so fun. I’m really looking forward to the trip home and seeing him run around with all of his cousins.


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