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I spent my Christmas Vacation January 5, 2010

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1. Riding 16 hours (round trip)  in a car with a baby who slept a grand total of 40 minutes. Which is why…

2. Watching/listening to the same 3 episodes of “Elmo’s World” approximately six googlebillion times. Which is why…

3. Repeatedly singing out loud “la la la la, god damnit!”

4. Holding my poor heaving baby over the sink in sub artic temps at my SIL’s house where the standard nighttime setting on her thermostat is 64 mother fucking degrees.

5. Eating lots of yummy goodies. Which makes it a pity that only Miguel came down with Squidgey’s bout of the heaves.

6. Inventing a new snack using leftover pretzels and mini reeses cups.

7. Wishing it wasn’t over so soon.


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