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False Alarm January 20, 2010

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 The sky is NOT falling, as previously reported. Just got a little overwhelmed for a second there. I don’t even know where that came from, really, because I have to say, I am about 99% less “Chicken Little” now than I was this time last year. Happier and far less stressed out. I think then, I didn’t even have the words to articulate how miserably overwhelmed I felt, let alone be able to joke about it. (And a lot of that was me, my personality and Squidgey’s unique set of challenges-having a baby is not usually misery-I swear-you should try it! You’ll like it!)

So yes, now that I’m no longer obsessing about feedings and developmental milestones and sleeping and keeping an infant alive in general, I am free to freak out about the more mundane aspects of life…like sticking to a diet and exercise plan…I mean, making “lifestyle changes.” (Isn’t that what they all say now? That you shouldn’t be “dieting” but making changes for life or some shit? Whatever, I’m still going to want a donut now and then.)

Anywho. So Squidgey is 17 months old today. As his pediatrician predicted, he experienced the “language explosion” in month 16, which is what they look for. (Although, some blogosphere stars a couple months his junior are making him look positively remedial. But! Not comparing! Really! Every kid is different! I know!)

He has a pretty good stable of words, although his interest in using them comes and goes, along with his interest in the object itself. “Fish” is a current favorite, and he runs around clutching a big purple wooden whale puzzle piece. If it’s not the “fiSSHHH,” in his hand, it’s one of his Thomas trains, aka “peep! peep!” (from the Thomas book…apparently British trains say “peep! peep!” rather than the traditional “chug a, chug a, woo wooo!” British trains sound kind of wussy.)

It’s exciting. When my parents were here before Christmas, my heart just about exploded when I got him up and said, “let’s go downstairs and see Pepere (what we call my dad),” and he responded by exclaiming excitedly “paypay! paypay!” Like, “that fun guy’s still here? Awesome!” It was seriously more emotional for me than when he said “mama,” which is probably because 9 times out of 10 when I think he is saying it, he is really saying “mElmo.” Ungrateful bastard.

He also surprised me the other day as we flipped through a picture book with the word “milk.” I don’t usually go through every object on each page and have just focused on repeating the most common/interesting ones to him, or having him name them back to me. Although he knows to ask for milk as his drink, the glass of milk wasn’t one we’ve covered in the book so I’m surprised he made the connection on his own between the regular glass of milk that looked nothing like his milk bearing sippy cups.

He has become quite the story teller, babbling on incomprehensibly, save for an occasional “no, no,” or “hi,” cocking his head earnestly and gesturing to make his point.

And speaking of “no,” which he used to find massively hilarious, he now continues with whatever he’s doing until you’re right up on him. Then he looks up at you all injured and tells you sincerely “no, no!” Then he turns around and wanders off, swinging his hands by his sides as if dusting off the naughty.

Signing never really took off. He picked up “more” early on, and still uses it, but that’s about it. He loves the Signing Time lady singing the intro and closing credit songs, but he could not be less interested in the kids demonstrating signs (many of whom look as if there is someone jusssst off camera holding a lighter to their favorite stuffed animal until they make the correct sign).

 He’s taken to coming up to me and leading me by the hand to show me what he wants-the TV for “mElmo,” to his booster for “eat.” It’s so sweet.

Miguel observed the other day as he watched Squidgey roll a “tUCK” across the table, that he was actually playing “like a real little boy!” Somehow, he has picked up the idea that frogs “RWAR!” instead of “ribbit”-I think he is confusing frogs with dinosaurs he’s seen the older boy play with at the sitter. Who knows? He also likes to sit in front of his frog shaped humidifier and say “Hi” to it everyday. Little kids are weird. Kids. Not baby. 😦


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