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Math Schmath February 19, 2010

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Yeah, so Squidgey actually turned EIGHTEEN Months a couple weeks ago, not 17.  Somewhere, I blacked out a whole month.

Cue freaking out that he was in fact 18 months and his language development was where it was.  But eh. Whatever, freak out over.  At his 18 month appointment, the dr. said he should have 20 words or so that I know what they mean, even if it’s not perfect diction and we’re way past that, plus he picks up a new word/clearer pronounciation every day.

It’s now another month past that and he keeps progressing so while he is not breaking any baby genius records, we’re still moving in the right direction at his pace. Just yesterday he finally gave up his stubborn insistence that frogs say “rwarrrr” and now gives the cutest little “wibbit” when presented with a frog.

Now of course, I’m free to freak out about the fact that one of his wee little nuts is apparently playing hard to get and may in fact be only partially descended. We  left his 18-mos with instructions to look for them both when he was warm and relaxed and I’m sorry but being as how I have no nuts, and don’t really know what they’re supposed to feel like, I was not qualified for this task.  (And anyway, wee little baby nut sacks are nothing like grown-up nut sacks.) Of course the other parent in this house possessed of matching equipment is of no use-he can’t even assist on a rectal temp, I should just be glad he changes diapers and wipes poop off it (even tho it takes 10 wipes to do so).  So my fumbling only located one-I  think.  He’s had an ear infection since, and while we were back, the dr. had another go at it with no luck.  So we’re off to urology next week. (Which who specializes in pediatric urology? That’s just creepy.)


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