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Things I don’t want to forget April 27, 2010

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How Squidgey follows every “tank ewe” with “wehcome,” and if it’s something really good, an excited string of “tank ewe, wehcome, tank ewe, wehcome, tank ewe, wehcome!”

How he’ll go up to the dog, squealing “neyece!, neyece!” as he slams his hand down on her back, “petting” her his idea of “nicely”.

How he associates going to the pool with kicking his legs in the water and so goes around saying “kick, kick poo! Kick, kick poo!”

How he is just like his daddy, and follows me around, shutting drawers and doors I’ve left open.

How he surprises me every single day with a new word I didn’t realize he knew. Or by recognizing a letter in a new context-like on my sweatshirt.

How he requests “a’gin!” when you hit the end of the alphabet or count up to ten. 

How he flashes so quickly between boy and baby, although now it’s mostly all boy, all the time.

Except when he stretches upon waking, balling up his fist up by his ears and scrunching up his body, just like he did as a newborn.


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