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Whoosh May 17, 2010

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That’s the sound of another month just cruising by.  Strep came and went and now we’ve moved on to ear infection.  I guess I should not be suprised at Squidgy’s alarming propensity for contracting viruses-I’ve caught him licking the hinge on the back door and proclaiming it “mmm, good.” So, stands to reason he’s licking stuff whenever my back is turned.

Days have been filled up with Squidgy wrangling and sticking to my workouts and eating well pretty consistently.  So I’m doing the shred alternating with running about two miles every other day, a good 6 days a week. 

We ran another 5K on Mother’s Day and I’m looking at another one for June.  I’m determined to improve my 5K times, but I’m not sure how possible that is to do pushing Squidgy.  I’m pretty embarrassed to share that we crossed the finish line just behind an 81 year old man.  It’s not like Squidgy is getting any lighter from race to race.  I guess we’ll keep plugging away at it and when I finally race without him, I should be able to run like the wind. We’ll see-whoosh!


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