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The price of my sanity: $2 May 27, 2010

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This week has been jam-packed. I’m trying to figure out why I get so obsessive compulsive and make life far more complicated than it needs to be.  I get these, “gotta go here, gotta get this” ideas stuck in my head and even though it is usually massively inconvenient, I am entirely fixated. And it’s never productive shit like say, work projects, cleaning house or working out, it’s always trivial shit that no one but me cares about.

Take this Tuesday, we had a work function that night-a Red’s game in a suite, and I decided that Squidgey simply must have a Red’s shirt. On like, Monday. Monday night I had to work out and tan for this wedding we have coming up this weekend (my legs are too white to wear a dress without hose otherwise). Plus, I had work I needed to do from home. So I said, “Fuck it, he does not need a special shirt.” …Until Tuesday, when I ran out at lunch to find him one.  After work, it was Squidgey’s late day at the sitter, and I had a pedicure appointment (again, for the wedding this weekend). But Squidgey needed that shirt washed before wearing-his sensitive skin is likely to burst into flame being exposed to a shirt that wasn’t pre-washed.  So I dashed home before my appointment to throw it in the wash.

While at Meijer, I spotted a fantabulous sale on Coke and bought my limit of two.  We go through a LOT of Coke at my house and I HATE paying full price for it-you end up paying as much for a 12 pack as you would for a whole case when it’s on sale.  This price was so fantabulous I resolved to go back later this and get my limit of two again.

I ran out of work late yesterday, my mind full of plans for cleaning for my parents, squeezing in a workout and tan, etc., etc., and the thought of taking Squidgey over to Meijer, wiping down a cart and hauling him in and out of his car seat, just to run in for two cases of Coke seemed deeply ridiculous. But, but, it’s so cheap! Like, I’ve never seen it so cheap! Under $4 for a CASE! Usually, $3 is a good price for a mere 12 pack.  Then a commercial for Kroger came on the radio…4 12 packs for $10.  Oh, maybe I can just run over there during lunch tomorrow… “but, that’s still $2 more expensive,” said crazy voice inside my head.  And rational voice is like “Really? Really? Is all that extra hassle of going to Meijer right now worth the extra two dollars?”  So yesterday, rational voice won.  This time.


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