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Balance September 2, 2010

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I am convinced that my ass is getting flat from the seven hours a day I sit at my desk staring at the computer.  It is pretty much straight, unrelieved sitting. I may get up to go to the bathroom or break room, but that’s about it. I usually eat lunch at my desk and don’t have meetings or people I have to wander off and go see in the office. So I sit.

I have a hard time with ergonomics/posture/carpal tunnel/tendonitis/pinched nerves/what have you.  I am almost always uncomfortable shortly after sitting down.  Part of the ass-flattening is I think after 5 years, I’ve pretty much smooshed out any padding that was in the seat.  I broke down and ordered one of these today (free shipping with Amazon Prime trial!):

I’m hoping it will help me maintain better posture all around and stem the tide of ass compression.  I mean, I’m not doing all this working out to have a misshapen ass. But I’m certainly sitting here for exponentially more hours than I am working out daily, so of course flat is winning.

My coworkers will probably mock me, but too bad. I’m tired of being in pain and uncomfortable.  And also I’d like a shapely ass.  None of my coworkers seems in any way concerned for the shape of their ass, if you know what I mean.  They mocked my snuggie too, but I know they’re all secretly jealous as they sit in their offices shivering and covered in goose bumps.


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