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That clucking sound you hear… September 7, 2010

Filed under: Battle of the Scale,Daily Grind — booksunread @ 4:51 pm

Is me totally chickening out of that triatholon. Like, five seconds after I made that last post considering it.  I really, really do not have enough time to train adequately.  Or even inadequately.  Either way, my performance is sure to suck, but I’d prefer to suck knowing that I was doing my very best sucking, you know?

So I’m aiming for the spring triathlon and hoping my friend will be able to join me then.  In the meantime, I will work on consistently increasing my running and biking distance.  Until it gets cold. And then I will end up at the exact same place at the end of winter as I am right now.  Wow, I really did inherit the DD (Debbie Downer) gene from my mother. 

In order to help keep track of the distance thing I ordered myself a garmin GPS watch (b-day pressie from Miguel).  I got a good deal on Amazon for an older model. It should arrive today.

Speaking of Amazon, I’m also still anxiously awaiting delivery of my ball chair.  They apparently tried to deliver it Saturday, but since I had it delivered to the office, which was closed, it’s not here. I know FedEx usually makes a morning run so it should have been here by now. 

I have been going a wee bit nutty with the Amazon lately since I have the free trial of Amazon prime shipping. I’m surprised the bank hasn’t flagged all the activity on my credit card.


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