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Stop the World November 30, 2010

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I’d like to get off for a little bit.  It seems like the last month has just been one big giant pile-on. I could finally see the bottom of my work e-mail in box when my computer decided to go all blue screen of death on me.  Cue another three days of waiting for IT to do something about it.

Meanwhile, Squidge and I took that trip home. Which went swimmingly, except that UPS lost the box of clothes I had shipped ahead to my parents house.  Like, completely lost it. As in three weeks later still can’t find it and is all “Eh…no clue. Sorry.” 

Squidgey and I have been battling sinus infections.  After two rounds of antibiotics and a raging antibiotic induced secondary infection, if you take my meaning, I still feel meh.

We had a houseful of guests for Thanksgiving which is awful fun and an awful lot of work at the same time.  Between worked missed being sick and time taken off for the holiday, I’m buried in a flurry of work emails again.

Potty training is now solidly into week 5 and is circling the drain.  We had a stretch of great days (he did awesome during the weekend trip home) but then he just seemed to lose interest and give up.  The heavy duty antibiotics he is on have finally broken me-think undies full of frosting poop three times a day- and I’ve reverted back to diapers until he’s off the meds.  And then it’s mean mommy potty boot camp. 

And now, we are staring down the barrel of Christmas. How did that happen?