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Tiny Exhale December 29, 2010

Filed under: Daily Grind,Schmooper — booksunread @ 6:03 pm

Both scans came back by the 23rd clean. An excellent early Christmas present.
It was a fantastic trip. Squidgey did not note anything amiss with his Pepere, except to wonder a couple days in at the “snowball” in his ear. With the exception of one missed nap (heard on the monitor: “Memere and Pepere, I’m taking naaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppp”), he slept like a champ on the toddler air bed. By the end of the trip he was dry consistently all day and pooping more like 70/30 on the toilet, rather than 50/50. I thought for sure we were in for a major potty set back with all the to and fro. We dragged him all over kingdom come and he took it all in stride.
Now we can all relax and get back into the true spirit of Christmas-presents! Since we flew, we had to ship everything back. Opening up the boxes when they arrive will be like having Christmas all over again.


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