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Stuck (back) in the middle January 5, 2011

Filed under: Battle of the Scale,Daily Grind — booksunread @ 4:54 pm

So all that stress and the holidays and cold weather helped me pack back on about 7 of the 12 pounds I’d lost last spring. Excellent.

Back to 6 night a week workouts and the food log.  I’m easing back into it, obvs., with holiday cheese and cookies still in the house. I’m not just going to throw that shit out. I’ve got three workouts under my belt and have started semi- detoxing, with the exception of the aforementioned cheese and chocolate in the evenings. 

Back to trying to find time to cook healthy meals and hauling my ass down to basement when what I’d really prefer to be doing is curling up in front of the tv in my jammies with a bowl full of m&ms.

On top of that, my house is a hot mess.  We flew home and shipped the presents back-half those boxes are yet to be unpacked.  The basement looks like a landfill. We keep moving stuff Squidgey has outgrown down there, all the Christmas totes are laying about half unpacked, and we have a ton of household stuff that has somehow accumulated down there.  Basically, we need to have a MASSIVE garage sale this spring.  I’ve yet to take down most of the Christmas decorations.  Oh, and I have to travel for work this month which almost always spells doom and despair when I get back. 

At least I get to go someplace warm.


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