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Still Skeptical January 21, 2011

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I’ve swung back more firmly to the more skeptical, less freaking out stage on the whole SPD thing.  Kinda just “meh, whatever.”  I think also, I don’t really like his therapist.  I don’t know, she just doesn’t impress me and I’m not entirely clear how the “therapies” she is employing translate to any lasting behavioral changes outside of a therapy session.  “Did you see how much calmer he was after having the deep pressure input of jumping on the trampoline?”  Um, well, it could just be he’s settled down because we’ve been here for 10 minutes.  And also, am I supposed to just whip a trampoline out of my pocket if we’re out somewhere and he gets over stimulated?

I’m equally skeptical after reading “Raising a Sensory Smart Child.”  Some of the suggestions contained in its pages: “Bring several activities and toys along when you eat out to give your sensory sensitive child lots of input.” Um, duh? Isn’t that just good parenting for any child?  “Go sledding as a family, make sure you have warm gloves and take frequent breaks to warm up.” Again, duh.  Because everyone else is just letting their kids without sensory issues sled in their swimsuits and get frostbite.

Anyway, we’ll see how it goes.

Other than that, I just have a major case of winter blahs.  I’m over snow. I’m over cold. I’m over being stuck inside.  I’m having a hard time motivating with the whole eating right and working out staying on track.  When it’s cold and dark at 5:00, it sounds so much better to curl up with a tub of cookie dough under the blanket than it does to drag yourself downstairs and force yourself to work out only to be faced with a flaccid chicken breast and some anemic vegetables when you’re done.  Because, if you’re going to take the time to work out and shower on a work night after you’ve played with, fed and put your child to bed, you’re certainly not going to have time to prepare a gourmet healthy meal.  And this is why warm weather is like 600 times better-I can take Squidgey out for a run to the park and get my workout done while keeping him occupied away from the tv.

Spring cannot come fast enough.


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