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Twenty-nine May 31, 2011

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I finally bit the bullet and wrote down my entire work to-do list. It is 29 items long! One more e-mail, and I’m at 30. GAH! 

On the good news front, I’ve dropped my at home/personal to-do list down to 11 so at least I’m making progress somewhere.


Girls have… May 26, 2011

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Gah! I know! But I am so deeply behind at work I will never see the end of it. And I had to start a to-do list to keep track of all the piddly little personal things I need to do because the second I’d finish thinking “Oh, I need to…” the thought would completely fly out of my head for three days. That list is up to 30 items.

 I am afraid to update my to do list for work, scared I will collapse into a pile of despair to see it all in writing. So instead, I am just treading water, putting out fires as they come in and wishing for an extended coma or something so it will all just. go. away.

But! I had to record this, because it is awesome and preshus, and I never want to forget it.  Scene: Getting Squidge up and at ’em yesterday morning.

Him:  (stumbling naked to the toilet) “Colin has a penis… I have a penis,” looks at me expectantly.

Me: “Yes, that’s right, little boys have penises” (is that even how you spell that?) Meanwhile, I’m quickly calculating if I want to finish the thought, and decide that his filter is not developed enough to handle this info, lest he run around daycare today shouting “vagina.” I resolve he can wait a little longer for that particular nugget of info.

Him: “Little girls have va-ginos.”

Me: “Bwahaha…that’s right (sorta). Where’d you learn that?”

Him: “You godda say it, mommy.”

Me: “No, I’m good,” quickly changing the subject, figuring it’s still best not to reinforce use of the v-word.

Turns out, Miguel does not have quite as much foresite as I do and is the one that taught him that.  Just waiting for the note home from daycare.