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Summer Catch Up July 25, 2013

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The big 5 year birthday party madness is over and now I have a real, honest to god little boy in my house. Ack he is so big! But still so sweet and cute. But also still maddening and semi-spoiled. That’s something we need to work on. It’s the great parenting Sopie’s Choice-the short term payoff of not having to listen to the whining that accompanies making them do something they don’t want to do vs the long term payoff of them taking care of that shit themselves in the near future. Sigh.

With that the summer is winding down and we’re looking at another chaotic busy few weeks. I’ve got a lot going on at work taking on some new big projects and then Weenut and I are going home for a few days and then I have my surgery scheduled. I’ll be off of work and using vacation time for a week, and then working at home for the next week. And oh, yeah, Weenut will be switching schools 4 days post-surgery. So not much going on…

We decided that the best course of action would be to switch daycares at the start of the school year, when the transition is happening for everyone else to Kgar. How much I hate the current daycare administrator and a lot of staff turnover for the worse sealed the deal on moving schools. He will go into a pre-k class at the new daycare, which will let him develop a new peer group that will be moving on to Kgar with him next fall. Unfortunately, the new school requires uniforms, and is a bit more expensive than his current one. But it’s a good school and you can’t beat the location-walking distance!

Okay work is calling. So. Much. To. Do. No more procrastination.


Discovered Last Night December 7, 2011

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I own a shameful number of shoes. I finally got around to putting the last of my winter-inappropriate shoes away and neatly arranging the 35+ pairs of shoes and boots wearable in cold weather. I was too scared to count the flip flops, sandals, slides and peep toes that went into the summer shoe box(es). Neither of which includes the dozen or so “fancy” shoes stacked across the shelves of my closet.

I have an equally disturbing number of totes, satchels, everyday purses and clutches. In which I’m hoarding enough tampons, pens and pennies to last through the apocalypse. Two I bought at least 4 purses ago and have yet to use. I convinced myself to part with only three of them.

An intervention may be needed.


Weekend November 14, 2011

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How is it that I spent an hour plus in the grocery store, with a list, filled an entire cart to the brim and still managed to forget a number of key items? One of which was eggs. So yeah, no baking this weekend. I did manage to get the bulk of the shopping done, make and freeze sweet potatoes, dressing, an appetizer, a stash of sautéed onions for various recipes and some turkey sausage for lasagne next weekend.

And I ran one day and worked out the next. But I also went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel and to a Mexican place for dinner so I think that cancels it out. (The Weenut’s* reaction to CB’s giant roaring fire place? “FIRE! AHHHH!” So fire safety week at day care was apparently effective.)

Then the dryer broke. And the sump pump. WTF? Both are new since we bought the house five years ago.

Oh, and then we had arts and crafts homework for DAYCARE. They sent home two pieces of construction paper taped together with instructions to make a “Family Banner” by writing our name at the top and tracing and decorating each of our hands. And you know I couldn’t just scribble some shit on there with a crayon and call it a day, right? I must say I’m quite proud of my handprint turned flower pot. Weenut’s artistic vision needs some fine tuning as he just covered his with scribbles and Cars stickers. But he stayed in the lines, so win!

Another precious memory to record: My MIL bought him a totally age inappropriate but beautiful ABC popup book for his first Christmas. Each letter reveals an amazingly detailed die cut tableau of an animal that starts with that letter. I’ve just finally started reading it with Weenut, at bedtime, when I can stop him from ripping the heads off the Okapi and Quetzal. Anywho, as we went through it Friday night, he started asking me if they have each animal at the zoo. (Although he skipped it on dinosaur, was just waiting to have to explain that one. Unconscious genius, I tell you.) When we got to panda and I was struggling to remember if our zoo had any, and started to answer, yes, he cut me off and said “No, they’re ‘in danger.’” I guess I’m getting my money’s worth out of the day care or my cable bill, because I certainly didn’t teach him that.

*Like I said, squidgy doesn’t really work now, so Weenut it is, because he’s still my little peanut weenut even if he’s not a squidgy baby any more. What? Shut up?


Forcing Myself to Write June 27, 2011

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Boy, that sounds fun. Force yourself to read along with me, won’t you?

I don’t really have anything witty, intelligent or even interesting to share today.  I just want to kind of shake the dust off and get back in to the habit of writing again.

Work has calmed down to some extent, but I still should be working that rather than doing this.

Outside work, I’m busily planning a 3rd birthday party. THIRD. Am enjoying the fun of getting my Martha on. For now. Ask me again when I have 4 dozen cupcakes and cookies to bake, eight wooden model trains to assemble, a pile of treat bags to collate, balloon garland to string and two days to do it in.

I think my little guy needs a new name, “Squidgey” doesn’t seem to fit any more.  But I can’t think of anything better right this second. Whatever you call him, I lurve him a bit more every single day, which I didn’t think was possible.  He is at such a great age-a real little person with thoughts and some grasp of logic and critical thinking.  Mostly, he’s well behaved, and when he’s not, it is written all over his face that he is just testing you.  He looks at you as he’s doing something naughty, and you can just tell he is thinking, “What will you do if I do this?”

Back in March we moved him from his home sitter to a daycare center. And the things he learns, being in a curriculum-based environment with all kids right about his own age, are just amazing. Not all of it’s good-the other day he told me peas would hurt his tummy if he ate them. He had to have picked that up from a classmate with older siblings. And that fake little “hmph” he does when he doesn’t get his way now-clearly that seems to be working for one of his little friends so he thought he’d see how it goes over at home (answer: mommy is not moved at all, now do what I asked you to do).

But mostly he is sunny and loving and just a touch mischievous. Every night before bed now, instead of reading books, he wants to “talk about [his] day.”  I don’t want him to ever grow out of asking me to snuggle him up when I tuck him in at night, offering me one last kiss through the bars of his crib. (Yes, He is still in the crib, we have a tall piece of furniture that needs to be wall anchored before we turn him loose, plus, not going to lie, there is a measure of peace in knowing that even if he is not napping, he’s at least confined to bed, where he has a much better chance of falling asleep.)


Twenty-nine May 31, 2011

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I finally bit the bullet and wrote down my entire work to-do list. It is 29 items long! One more e-mail, and I’m at 30. GAH! 

On the good news front, I’ve dropped my at home/personal to-do list down to 11 so at least I’m making progress somewhere.


Girls have… May 26, 2011

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Gah! I know! But I am so deeply behind at work I will never see the end of it. And I had to start a to-do list to keep track of all the piddly little personal things I need to do because the second I’d finish thinking “Oh, I need to…” the thought would completely fly out of my head for three days. That list is up to 30 items.

 I am afraid to update my to do list for work, scared I will collapse into a pile of despair to see it all in writing. So instead, I am just treading water, putting out fires as they come in and wishing for an extended coma or something so it will all just. go. away.

But! I had to record this, because it is awesome and preshus, and I never want to forget it.  Scene: Getting Squidge up and at ’em yesterday morning.

Him:  (stumbling naked to the toilet) “Colin has a penis… I have a penis,” looks at me expectantly.

Me: “Yes, that’s right, little boys have penises” (is that even how you spell that?) Meanwhile, I’m quickly calculating if I want to finish the thought, and decide that his filter is not developed enough to handle this info, lest he run around daycare today shouting “vagina.” I resolve he can wait a little longer for that particular nugget of info.

Him: “Little girls have va-ginos.”

Me: “Bwahaha…that’s right (sorta). Where’d you learn that?”

Him: “You godda say it, mommy.”

Me: “No, I’m good,” quickly changing the subject, figuring it’s still best not to reinforce use of the v-word.

Turns out, Miguel does not have quite as much foresite as I do and is the one that taught him that.  Just waiting for the note home from daycare.



Well Then… March 30, 2011

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I stand corrected. Last week I blew my early bedtime two nights in a row and boy howdy did I feel it.  Mostly it hit me in the form of the mid afternoon energy slump, manifested as non-stop, jaw-stretching yawns.  And then, I promptly got sick again. Which: awesome. I like being healthy 4 out of 30 days in every month.

This cold should be departing, on the heels of our third set of house guests this month. I hope to settle back into the early to bed routine and not play hostess to anyone else until Easter.

In other news: snow! For the love. It is officially spring and I demand this nonsense stop.