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Puppy Love January 15, 2008

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Last week, two people in the same day to whom I announced my pregnancy responded with “Your poor dog.”  As in, your dog is about to get knocked from its spot as the precious and coddled family baby.  I think this officially qualifies me for crazy dog lady status…you know, if the Halloween costumes didn’t already…

But seriously, how could you look at this face, and not try to love the fur off of it every single day?

Mag dog
Admittedly, we have treated the dog like our big furry practice baby and she has a pretty sweet life right now.  Each morning upon waking, she flops down on the floor and waits for us to come over and ply her with scratches and cuddles and love.  Then, prior to her morning constitutional, she gets some luncheon meat with her allergy pill.

As we get ready, we make up and sing silly songs to her-a huge favorite is Camptown Doggy (“Doggy’s tail is 5 miles long, do dah, do dah…” Yes, yes I am ashamed of myself now that I’ve typed it out).  As soon as the blow dryer comes out, she runs over for a rousing round of the blow dryer game, snapping and growling at the stream of warm air each time it’s pointed at her.  Each and every morning, we marvel at the cutely fierce expressions she assumes.  And we have names for them…when her lip gets stuck all curled up, we call it the Elvis…and oh, the excitement on the mornings we achieve the rare Double Elvis!

After work it’s at least 3 minutes of greeting cuddles and love, then walks, large bites of my dinner, and roughhousing with Miguel.  When I’m home the dog is my shadow, curling up in the office if I’m working in there and jumping up to follow me from room to room as I complete chores.  When I’m traveling and don’t come home at night, she sleeps at the top of the stairs waiting for me and can’t be coaxed to her bed.  (Not all of this is pure unfettered canine devotion; I have a feeling, most credit can be given to the fact that I am the keeper of the walks and also the most free with the people food.)

Linda of Sundrymourning fame recently posted about this very topic on Parentdish.  I thought her first post was a pretty realistic summary of what I imagine happens to every top banana dog when baby comes into the house.  But oh the controversy in the comments with people accusing her of what amounted to doggie abuse.  (Her rebuttal post from Dog was also awesome.)  It made me really start to worry about how our dog is going to feel when we bring the wee baby home.  I’m sure that morning cuddles will get lost when there is a baby crying to be tended to.  Likewise, in the hurry of our new morning routine, there won’t be much time for the blow dryer game.  I’d imagine that greetings will be cut short when there is a baby to get settled in once we arrive home.  Now matter how much we try to minimize the impact, the dog’s whole routine will have to be altered out of necessity.  I just hope that she doesn’t hate us too much for ruining her cushy life.