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Afro Chickens November 17, 2011

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Hey, Remember that totally awesome cookie idea I had?

{Cue Sad Trombone}
Whap whaaaaappp

I sent them to daycare anyway. They’re three, if I tell them they’re turkeys, they might believe me.


Testing August 22, 2011

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The birthday fairy brought me an iPad. Weee! Now I can post on the go. So mebbbe I’ll be posting more…


Whoosh May 17, 2010

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That’s the sound of another month just cruising by.  Strep came and went and now we’ve moved on to ear infection.  I guess I should not be suprised at Squidgy’s alarming propensity for contracting viruses-I’ve caught him licking the hinge on the back door and proclaiming it “mmm, good.” So, stands to reason he’s licking stuff whenever my back is turned.

Days have been filled up with Squidgy wrangling and sticking to my workouts and eating well pretty consistently.  So I’m doing the shred alternating with running about two miles every other day, a good 6 days a week. 

We ran another 5K on Mother’s Day and I’m looking at another one for June.  I’m determined to improve my 5K times, but I’m not sure how possible that is to do pushing Squidgy.  I’m pretty embarrassed to share that we crossed the finish line just behind an 81 year old man.  It’s not like Squidgy is getting any lighter from race to race.  I guess we’ll keep plugging away at it and when I finally race without him, I should be able to run like the wind. We’ll see-whoosh!


Things I don’t want to forget April 27, 2010

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How Squidgey follows every “tank ewe” with “wehcome,” and if it’s something really good, an excited string of “tank ewe, wehcome, tank ewe, wehcome, tank ewe, wehcome!”

How he’ll go up to the dog, squealing “neyece!, neyece!” as he slams his hand down on her back, “petting” her his idea of “nicely”.

How he associates going to the pool with kicking his legs in the water and so goes around saying “kick, kick poo! Kick, kick poo!”

How he is just like his daddy, and follows me around, shutting drawers and doors I’ve left open.

How he surprises me every single day with a new word I didn’t realize he knew. Or by recognizing a letter in a new context-like on my sweatshirt.

How he requests “a’gin!” when you hit the end of the alphabet or count up to ten. 

How he flashes so quickly between boy and baby, although now it’s mostly all boy, all the time.

Except when he stretches upon waking, balling up his fist up by his ears and scrunching up his body, just like he did as a newborn.


Math Schmath February 19, 2010

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Yeah, so Squidgey actually turned EIGHTEEN Months a couple weeks ago, not 17.  Somewhere, I blacked out a whole month.

Cue freaking out that he was in fact 18 months and his language development was where it was.  But eh. Whatever, freak out over.  At his 18 month appointment, the dr. said he should have 20 words or so that I know what they mean, even if it’s not perfect diction and we’re way past that, plus he picks up a new word/clearer pronounciation every day.

It’s now another month past that and he keeps progressing so while he is not breaking any baby genius records, we’re still moving in the right direction at his pace. Just yesterday he finally gave up his stubborn insistence that frogs say “rwarrrr” and now gives the cutest little “wibbit” when presented with a frog.

Now of course, I’m free to freak out about the fact that one of his wee little nuts is apparently playing hard to get and may in fact be only partially descended. We  left his 18-mos with instructions to look for them both when he was warm and relaxed and I’m sorry but being as how I have no nuts, and don’t really know what they’re supposed to feel like, I was not qualified for this task.  (And anyway, wee little baby nut sacks are nothing like grown-up nut sacks.) Of course the other parent in this house possessed of matching equipment is of no use-he can’t even assist on a rectal temp, I should just be glad he changes diapers and wipes poop off it (even tho it takes 10 wipes to do so).  So my fumbling only located one-I  think.  He’s had an ear infection since, and while we were back, the dr. had another go at it with no luck.  So we’re off to urology next week. (Which who specializes in pediatric urology? That’s just creepy.)


I spent my Christmas Vacation January 5, 2010

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1. Riding 16 hours (round trip)  in a car with a baby who slept a grand total of 40 minutes. Which is why…

2. Watching/listening to the same 3 episodes of “Elmo’s World” approximately six googlebillion times. Which is why…

3. Repeatedly singing out loud “la la la la, god damnit!”

4. Holding my poor heaving baby over the sink in sub artic temps at my SIL’s house where the standard nighttime setting on her thermostat is 64 mother fucking degrees.

5. Eating lots of yummy goodies. Which makes it a pity that only Miguel came down with Squidgey’s bout of the heaves.

6. Inventing a new snack using leftover pretzels and mini reeses cups.

7. Wishing it wasn’t over so soon.


For the Record June 22, 2009

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Because things seem to be speeding by and I keep thinking, “when did he start doing that again?” The weekend before last when we were at Hocking Hills, Squidge really started getting his sea legs and moving around. It started Thursday-he would tentively turn from the coffee table to couch a foot away and back. By the end of the weekend he was lurching through space from one widely spaced support to the next.
Now we’re just waiting for him to figure out the diaper champ is not weighted enough to support him. He keeps pulling himself up, tipping over, looking stunned, then waiting for us to right it so he can try again.