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Dear FBI February 27, 2009

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How about you spend your time arresting real criminals-you know, murderers who take the lives of others who don’t want to die-and leave the people who help others who want to end their suffering in a dignified and painless way alone?


Trashmobile July 27, 2007

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So this post at Pesky made me laugh.  Miguel is always accusing me of not keeping my car neat enough, going so far as to call me Slobetta-which I do not even come close to her level of slob (can anyone say cat barf left on the carpet to moulder for DAYS?). 

Shortly after I saw Pesky’s post, I came across the car of Slobetta’s long lost cousin in a parking lot. I could not believe my eyes.  The guy getting out of it was your stereotypical middle manager in a short sleeved dress shirt with tie, not some sloppy teenager or something.   How do people live like this?

car 1

Close up:

car 2


car 3

I guess no one ever has to worry about having to get into his filth-mobile, because there is literally no room in there, except for the driver’s seat.  Thank god for the cell phone camera, because words just would not have done this justice.


Sick this Morning July 18, 2007

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Caught some radio coverage this morning about the dogfighting charges against Michael Vick and I am completely disgusted and horrified by the things he is charged with.  For those of you who don’t know, he is accused of running a dogfight operation in VA and treating the animals in a even more inhumane way (if that’s possible) than just forcing them to fight to the death.  It’s alleged that he hung, drowned beat and electrocuted dogs that would not fight.

Even more disgusting was the clip they played of him claiming people still love him so no big deal.  And Nike, his biggest sponsor, has taken no action to drop him.  Innocent until proven guilty and all that, but it is a fact that he owned that property and facilitated this practice, which should be enough that Nike is concerned about the smudge on their reputation.

I sent an e-mail to Nike this morning calling them out on it and letting them know that I won’t be buying Nike again this lifetime unless Vick is dropped immediately.  We’ll see how much love Vick feels when all of his sponsors pull out and the NFL drops him (which I fervently hope they will do).  Please go to and and send them the message that their customers and fans won’t tolerate their glorification of human garbage.